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Home Maintenance Starter Kit

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Are you a first-time home buyer or is this your first time living in a room that you don't rent? This is a resourceful guide to help you navigate through what is important to maintain in your house.
When my husband and I first moved into our house in November 2019, we were clueless about how our home works. As amazing as our parents were, they did not teach us valuable lessons such as: How does the plumbing work? How do I get trash picked up from our house? It turns out that was only a part of the problem. Not only do we not know how some things in our house works, but we also were not adequately educated on how to maintain our house. It’s not like maintaining your room, like your car, things wear down over time, and you need to protect your house, or else the repair costs will become more exponential the longer you wait. So I put together some essential resources I found over the past couple of years. I hope you find it as helpful as I did!

This planning doc helps you do all of the following:

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This planning doc will focus on these key areas below.
Furniture & Fixtures
Foundation & Garage
Heating & Cooling
Windows, Walls & Doors
Wiring & Plumbing
Backyard & Garden

Helpful Resources

I found this book to be super helpful in figuring out other parts of my house.

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