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Every day we spend a lot of mental energy picking out our cloths. In an effort to save that energy I have created this tool.

How to build an outfit

Pick an primary item i.e pants
Pick a secondary item i.e shirt
Pick a add on item i.e sweater

The items shown are just suggestions and can be skipped by swiping right now mobile


The items are picked on a scoring system that takes in account
Last warn less likely to be suggested
Items that are close to your desired fomatility
Items that are close to the isolation
Insolation value takes the average of the last 3 days and if today is colder it will
A random value to shake things up
The items are filtered in the following ways
Clashing with other items already selected
Items shown only if valid for use i.e work clothes
Items that you have gotten rid of are archived
Items that are outside of the temperature ranges specified
In laundry
Return to valid options after auto clean days are passed
Notified that cloths needs to be washed show up in


Set your settings
Your Name
Auto Clean Days
Min Sweater Temp
Max long slave temp
Ware count before wash
There are no rows in this table
Clear all sample cloths by clicking this button
Add your own
New item
On the page
Enter the city you are picking the outfit for
Select the day you want to pick an outfit
Pick the pant's→shirt→sweater (If cold enough)
Select wear outfit.

Daily Use

The way I use this is every night before I go to bed I pick my close for the day.
Go to the page
Look to see if any of the clothes you had on today need cleaning
Select wash to keep that item from being suggested for a little while
Reset the ware count before wash back to 0

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