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Globally Managed Dynamic Images

Globally Managed Dynamic Images

Globally manage image width and captions from a central _data/i_Images table allows non-technical users to easily place images anywhere in a Doc and globally change the Width and Caption.

It expands on my previously published

For this demo, I’m using images from SquareSpace’s CDN
(because the original post used the Whale image from SquareSpace).
But you could modify this to work with most any Image CDN that provides a URL-based API for serving dynamically sized images.

⭐ If you’re interested in this approach, I would highly suggest looking at
for your media management and CDN. ⭐

Dynamically placed and sized image

The image below was placed by pasting the code copied from the
Copy This Code
column on
row of the
on the
_data Page.

If you select a different width from the
column, it will change the size of the image on this page.
Currently, the selected
If you edit the
column, it will change the Caption below the image here.

Amazing Whale Image
(via SquareSpace)

➡️ Now check out the
demo page for how you might use this in a production environment.

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