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Security and Encryption for Coda - Vault Template

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How to generate a vault key for your secrets

Generate a vault that stores secret securely with end-to-end encryption

Security and Encryption for Coda allows sensitive data to be stored and shared with end-to-end encryption. You will need to generate a vault key before storing your secrets in a vault. Start by copying this template.
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How to get started?

⚙️ By creating a vault first
Get started on creating vault so you can start keeping your data safe.

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How to generate vault keys
Step 1
Go to your account settings at the top right corner of the page.
Step 2
Scroll down to API settings and click generate API token.
Step 3
Name your token. Then, click Generate API token.
Step 4
Copy the generated token by clicking Copy token.
Step 5
Go to Vault page. Name your vault and click Create Vault. Click Connect your account when the prompt appears.
Step 6
Click Add new account to create an account. You will be asked to connect your account.
Step 7
Paste the copied API token into the field and press Continue. Please use the following settings: Who can view Security and Encryption for Coda data: You and anyone this doc is shared with. Who can take actions in Security and Encryption for Coda: Only you.
Step 8
Click the Create Vault button again to create your vault.
Step 9
You will see your newly created vault at the Vaults Table. Click Generate key.
Once you’ve generated your vault key, you can start storing and sharing secrets by adding the vault key into the Secret template configuration section. Start by making a copy of the secret template. Go to Secret template ↗️
Step 1
Go to your at the top right corner of the page.
Account setting.png

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