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Habit (and time) management

Notes and instructions

For the setup, go to the and add the habits you want to track. See further instructions in the page.
To move to the advanced features, start filling the .
Using the charts
Start checking the checkboxes in the to see the magic in the charts.
Use the control to select the time interval. You can also to know which days you have managed to fulfill a certain habit, and which days you haven’t.
Using the habits board
Check for the habits you have achieved in the day.
Use the control to set a day and click the button to create a new record in the selected day for every habit you are tracking.
If you go for filling the , there will be no need to check the habits manually anymore. Instead, press the button to autofill the checkboxes if the goals are met. For example:
If you set an event based habit like “Brush my teeth” and a desired number of times at 3, the checkbox will be checked only if there is 3 records with the “Brush my teeth” Time or event category.
If you set a time based habit like “Study” and a desired time of 2 hours, the checkbox will be checked only if the sum of the duration meets or exceeds the daily goal.
Important note
This doc has a “Create new record in board” automation that runs every day at 4 a.m. UTC (+0:00) time zone and presses the ”Create new record in board” button to create a new record with all the habits. If you have a different time zone, select “Change the time zone” in the automation. See image below.
This doc also has a “Calculate habits” automation that runs every day at 5 a.m. UTC (+0:00) time zone that presses the “Calculate habits” button.
If you rather, you can deactivate the automations.

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