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Planning Center Online Migration Guide
Built-in Personal Fields

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Planning Center allows you to input a list of schools to track where people are attending. Instead of collecting this data in this document, go directly into PCO and input the data.

When Done, Complete Task Below
Populate list of local educational institutions (Built-In Personal Fields)
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How to Add Schools

From the People tab, click the gear icon, and then choose Customize Fields.
The Personal tab holds all the built-in fields. You can customize these default fields with your own answers by clicking the pencil on the field.

Set school options
Set the beginning and ending grades of that school. Once you assign a person to the school, the only grade options will be within that set range. If kids leave this school after the ending grade and always move into another school, select that school. When you at the end of the school year, they'll be moved to the listed school if they pass the set ending grade.
If some students go to a different school, you'll have to manually change their promoted school.
Use the handles to reorder schools in the list.
Click the trashcan icon to delete the listed school from this list and any profile.
Scroll to the end of your schools list to add a new option.
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