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Planning Center Online Migration Guide
Step 2: Data Design

People Permissions


Table of Permissions

The table below lists what each permission level can do regarding
, and

can see information for people across Planning Center apps. Another Organization Administrator can make someone an Organization Administrator from

Only an Organization Administrator can delete a person or give
to certain permission levels or people.

Access Level : Title
Access levels
Description of Permissions
People w/ Permission
People- Viewer - Can email lists
Viewer - Can email lists
Can email lists
Ministers, Staff and committee or task force chairs
People- Viewer - Can create forms
Viewer - Can create forms
Can create forms
Ministers and Staff
People- Viewer - Can create workflows
Viewer - Can create workflows
Can create workflows
Ministers and Staff
People- Editor
Can email lists, create forms, create workflows, edit, set people inactive, send emails using templates, edit and delete personal lists, send emails with templates,
office staff, RE asst, ministers, DRE, Music Dir
People- Manager
Can email lists, create forms, create workflows, edit, set people inactive, send emails using templates, edit and delete personal lists, send emails with templates, create forms, manage settings, manage categories, merge people, change permissions
Admin, Office Assts, Connections Coord (with advice from admin)
People- Specific Group of People
Specific Group of People
Targeted permission to access specific lists, tabs, etc.
chairs of committees or task forces, leaders of short term projects

Custom Field Permission Levels

Field Name
Field Content
Permission by Tab or Field
Permission Level
Pronouns used by an individual
List Add Other: with pastoral followup to add to the list
People- Manager
Gender (inclusive)
List Add Other: with pastoral followup to add to the list
Photo Release
Add Drop Down Options
Racialized Identity
Non-Hispanic White or Euro-American
Black, Afro-Caribbean, or African American
Latinx or Hispanic American
East Asian or Asian American
South Asian or Indian American
Middle Eastern or Arab American
Native American or Alaskan Native
other: with follow up
English - Basic
English - Fluent
Spanish - Basic
Spanish - Fluent
French - Basic
French - Fluent
Portuguese - Basic
Portuguese - Fluent
American Sign Language (ASL) - Basic
American Sign Language (ASL) - Fluent
Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) - Basic
Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) - Fluent
Russian - Basic
Russian - Fluent
Hebrew - Basic
Hebrew - Fluent
Arabic - Basic
Arabic - Fluent
German - Basic
German - Fluent
Senior Living Facility
List the facilities by name
Affiliated Congregation or Community Group
List possible congregations, or community groups
Date of First Visit
Date of completed guest card or first event registration at the church
People- Manager
People- Editor
Attended Newcomer Intro
Completed Membership Class
People- Manager
Membership Date
Date of participation in a membership ceremony
People- Manager
People- Editor
Membership Ceremony Attended
People- Manager
Left Membership Date
People- Manager
Reason Left Membership
Populate this list / overlap with inactive reason list expected
People- Manager
Membership Role Review Letter Sent
Each Checkbox
Membership Role Review Letter
Subscription List
Tabled for future discussion
Communication Preferences
Tabled for future discussion
No Email Communication
No Financial Asks
No Communication (All)
Governance Materials by Mail
Don't Publish Contact Information
Unsubscribed in Mailchimp
People- Manager
Mailing Label
Names that appear on a mailing label ex. Rev. Sean Neil-Barron & Charles Howes
People- Manager
Letter Salutation Dear “Rev. Sean & Charles”
People- Manager
Connection Form: Activities Enjoyed
What types of activities do you enjoy? Please check all that apply. Cooking Working in the kitchen with others Donating homemade foods Using Spreadsheets Finance related activities Event organizing Stuffing envelopes Office work Marketing Fundraising Photography Creating brochures Teaching Gardening Social events Playing an instrument Singing Social Justice Visiting elderly Working with children
Connection Form Completed Date
Anti-Racism Training
Small Group Facilitator Training
Add RE Trainings
Graduated K/1 Our Whole Lives
Graduated 5th Grade Our Whole Lives
Graduated 8th Grade Our Whole Lives
Trained OWL Facilitator
5th Grade OWL
8th Grade OWL
Adult OWL
Date Trained as OWL Facilitator
Adult OWL Completed
Leadership & Service
Committee Leadership: Roles, Date
Committee Leadership: Active, Former
Current Committee X Member
Current Committee Y Member
Former Committee Y Member
Former Committee Y Member
Board Roles Held, Dates
Board Member
Current board member
Former board member
Deceased Date
Milestone Dates
important milestone dates in the member’s life
Baby Dedication Date
Age of Reason Date
Coming of Age Date
Wedding Date
Memorial Date
Death of Spouse
Death of Parent
Death of Child
Memorial Service Notes
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