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Planning Center Online Migration Guide
Built-in Personal Fields

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Inactive Reasons


Planning Center doesn’t recommend deleting people because when a profile is deleted, all history associated with that person in every Planning Center app is also deleted, including payment information and attendance data.
If the profile represents a real person who has moved away, left your church, was fired, or doesn't attend your church for any other reason, you should set that profile to inactive.
Only delete profiles that are test data or created by accident.

Make a Profile Inactive

If a person is no longer attending your church, set them to Inactive from their profile.
What happens if a person is set to inactive?
People is the hub for all profile information, and all people exist in other products. When a person is set to inactive, the following occurs:
All their permissions will be removed in every application.
In Calendar, you must remove the person, or they will show on the People list with (Inactive).
They will no longer be able to log in, even if they reset their password.
Event attendance and registration will stay in the corresponding applications.
They will be declined for future plans.
They will be removed as a Team Leader.
Donation history will remain in Giving.
Payment methods will remain in their donor profile.
Recurring donations will continue. When the next donation occurs, the person will be reactivated.
They will still be sent a donation statement if they gave in the statement time frame.
They can set their profile back to active if they give, register for an event, check in to a location, or join a group.
Click Set Inactive from the gear dropdown to choose a reason for inactivation.
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Use the dropdown to choose the reason. The date listed is the current date, but you can change it by clicking it.
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The options for Reason can be to your church language or to add more reason options.

Reactivate an Inactive Profile

To reactivate an inactive profile, click Reactivate.
If you reactivate someone's profile, they will not automatically obtain their previous permissions in other applications. They will need to be re-added as event managers, viewers, counters, etc.

Delete a Profile

Some important things to remember when deleting a profile:
This profile and all the data and history associated with it, such as donations and attendance, will be deleted from every Planning Center app.
Because deleting profiles is so destructive, it can only be done by an Organization Administrator.
This cannot be undone. There is no going back. If that gives you the slightest bit of concern, you should either set the profile to inactive or .
If you are very confident that you want to delete the profile because they are not a real person, and their data is not real, an Organization Administrator can click Delete Profile from the gear dropdown.
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There's not a way to delete multiple people at once unless they were imported. You can within 48 hours from the time you imported it.

Defining Inactive Reasons

Note: The process for making a profile inactive is distinct from removing someone from membership.
Action Step: Create a list of all the reasons someone's profile may be made inactive. Describe the circumstances that it will be used (ie. how will you know) and what else needs to happen when someone is made inactive.
Inactive Reasons
Other Actions or Changes in Database Needed
Add new address, enter date of move
New Church
enter date of change
enter date of death
Divorced or Separated
This could be the permanent separation or divorce of partners or spouses
separate from spouse/family, enter date of change
Due to disinterest
enter date of change
Due to displeasure with some aspect of the church
email to ministers and staff, enter date of change and reason for displeasure
Enter reason and date of change
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When Done, Complete Task Below
Define Inactive reasons (Built-In Personal Fields)
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