Project Management

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Team Charter

Team Values

As a Team, we value:
It’s all about people - we matter more than anything.
We are passionate about our work - we are relentless and driven.
We are generous givers, not self-serving takers - we give more than we take.
We will laugh hard, loud, and often - we enjoy our work and we have fun while at it.

Team Agreements

As a Team we agree to:
Show Respect - debate idea, not people.
Contribute - everyone has equal voice and value
Be Transparent - no hidden agenda, feedback feedback feedback
Solve roadblocks within team - no solution take it to Project Manager
Deliver on commitment - we will be held accountable

Doc-Handling Procedures

Coda is the all in one doc that we will use for documentation and will serve as single source of truth.
GitHub for version control.

Decision-Making Criteria

A consensus is the goal for most decisions. We will through the decision-making process as a group, until every member of the group can “live with” the final decision that is made.
If a consensus can’t be reached as a group than the project manager and project sponsor will make a consultative.
I empower team members to decide on their own.

Conflict Resolution Processes

Address conflict right away.
Actively listen and be transparent when speaking.
Solve amongst each other.
Stay poised and remember it is not you vs them.
Steps to Take
Clarify what the disagreement is.
Establish a common goal for all parties.
Discuss ways to reach common goal.
Determine the barriers to the common goal.
Agree best way to resolve the conflict.
Acknowledge the agreed upon solution and determine the responsibilities each party has in the resolution

Escalation Procedures

If no resolution is found, we require escalation.
Once escalation happens, a court hearing will take place. The project manager will be the judge, the team members will be the jury. Each person will represent themselves.

Meeting Guidelines

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda will be distributed 5 business days before the meeting. The Agenda should identify the presenter for each topic along with a time limit for that topic. The first item in the agenda should be a review of action items from the previous meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes will be distributed within 2 business days following the meeting. Meeting minutes will include the status of all items from the agenda, along with new action items and the Parking Lot list.

Action Items

Action Items are recorded in both the meeting agenda and minutes. Action items will include both the action item along with the owner of the action item. Meetings will start with a review of the status of all action items from previous meetings and end with a review of all new action items resulting from the meeting. The review of the new action items will include identifying the owner for each action item.

Parking Lot

The Parking Lot is a tool used by the facilitator to record and defer items which aren’t on the meeting agenda; however, merit further discussion at a later time or through another forum.
A parking lot record should identify an owner for the item, as that person will ensure follow-up. The Parking Lot list is to be included in the meeting minutes.

Time Reporting

The team will use ClickUp to track time. We can create dashboards and reports within ClickUp.

Status Reporting

The team will use ClickUp to track status of task and generate dashboards and reports regarding project status.

Training Guidelines

Understand the essential components and set expectations.
Have an agenda and supporting documents.
Educate your trainers.
Find a way to switch it up.
Focus on the people.
Keep the training going.

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