Project Management

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Leadership Statement


I believe everyone on the team has a specific purpose. I intend to maximize the work productivity of everyone on the team. I will provide coaching while also managing high-level project needs. I will serve with integrity, respect and mindfulness.

Leadership Styles

Servant - I will put the team before me.
Coaching - I will encourage positive culture and be a mentor.
Visionary - I love uniting teams and updating processes.
Laissez-faire - I will allow the team to work how and when the team feels they need to.
Democratic - I will facilitate group discussion, and take input from team when making certain decisions.

My Priorities

Motivate my team.
Displays excellent communication skills.
Personally care about my team.
Encourage collaboration and engagement.
Commit to growing my team professionally.

My Expectations

Accountability - We must hold each other accountable.
Effective communication - Communication should be clear and positive.
Adaptability - Shift happens, we deal with it.
Focused - Stay on task, and on time, no scope creep.
Problem-solving - We move past roadblocks.
Transparency - We are open and honest.
Respect - Don’t be a troll.

Core Values


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