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Client Workspace Template

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Welcome to your workspace,
@Gisell Paula

Welcome to your project dashboard, {{Client Name}} team!
This dashboard will serve as a central hub where all references, project progress, and other pertinent materials related to our work together will be organized.
Let's get started! 🚀


Why do we use Clickup?
ClickUp provides a user-friendly platform to effectively manage projects.
I've tried them almost all, and I always come back to ClickUp. It's flexible, easy to use, and allows us to measure in ways that other platforms can't.
But I'm always open– got a PM tool you dig better? Let me know!
How to use this dashboard
Use this [very appropriately named] document to walk you through the how's and what's of your new dashboard.
Need to chat?
with me anytime you need to discuss anything IRL – I'm here for you.


A walkthrough of your workstation

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I'm Harry, and I'm from the UK. I was raised in a wonderful county called Devon. Growing up, I was surrounded by beautiful beaches and forests, which is probably why I'm a big fan of camping! 🏕️
Heres a photo of me and my little brother wakeboarding (he always loves to remind me that he’s now taller than me):
I started Imaginary Space, a website design studio, back in 2019 and since then I've had the privilege of working with many amazing companies on fun projects.
Our go-to tools for designing websites are Webflow & Figma, and I've been using Coda for the past three years to interface with my team/clients online. It's a really cool no-code tool!

Lets meet each other

How to use this template:

- This template is designed to be used between you, your team and a client. Make sure you invite them all by hitting share in the top right !
- It's duty is to house all communication in one place. This avoids app spread over email, instant messenger and other tools.
- You can make a copy of this document for each client you have and rename it to the name of their company.
- Make sure to delete this page and edit the questions inside . (instructions below on how to do this)

How to talk to us

We work out of tickets to make sure we have one source of truth when it comes to providing information about a task. Tickets will appear in your
You can leave comments on these tickets as shown in here:
Go through current tickets and ask any questions you need to be able to complete them.

End of onboarding

You’ve made it to the end of onboarding! Congratulations! By now you should have a pretty good grasp of how things are working in our business. Keep an eye on &
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and feel free to ping us if you have any further questions.
We’re looking forward to working with you!
- Imaginary Space Team

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