Essex Award Winning Top Wedding Photographer

The precious moments are those which show real emotions. The wedding is an auspicious day for both the bride and groom to showcase their love for each other during the festivities filled with different emotions going on in their minds. Photography is not just talent; it is a passion to envision such beautiful moments and then capture them. While covering over more than 450 weddings makes them feel comfortable and natural at the same time.
These moments are surreal and can never be compared with anything else. Being , they believe that emotions come naturally and they can’t be made up, so they capture candid moments at the weddings. Being one of the , they have captured weddings at iconic places in the UK, such as The Shard and the Dorchester. They have captured some beautiful weddings from Persian to Indian to many more.
How they are different:
Not everyone has the art of photography, what makes a photographer stand out of the line is its creativity to manage the light to give moments perfect frame. Here is what makes them different than other photographers:
1. Experience: Capturing weddings all over the UK for years has gained popularity, as well as cordial relations with Essex’s finest venues for weddings. More experienced photographer means trusted suppliers at finest venues. Experience leads to one being more qualified for the job, which makes it Top Wedding Photographers Essex.
2. Cinematic Wedding Films: Creating magic as they call it is what they do while shooting videos during the weddings, which are different from normal as they are Cinematic Wedding Films which is piece by piece put together showing perspectives and opinions of the family, friends and most importantly of the bride and the groom.
3. Live Streaming: During the tough times of Covid -19, everything is going digital, so why not weddings? Because of this, we have made live streaming of weddings with your private link along with living streaming on all social media websites available. A live stream would be recorded too, just like photographs as memories to see in the future.
Live Stream Includes:
• Wireless Microphones
• Unlimited Guests
• Latest technology cameras
• Highly creative videographers
• Different packages to choose from
4. Offers: Currently, they are offering one couple a luxury wedding package along with that two couples can win free engagement sessions with the best wedding photographer.
Photography is all about skills, knowledge, and lighting techniques that can either take a picture or break it. It brings out tears of happiness among families, and together they become one big happy family.
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