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IEP System

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👋 Hey there!
Are you drowning in IEP tasks that feel redundant and take away time from the aspects of teaching you love? You came to the right place!
This IEP system was worked on, developed, and tested rigorously over a process of two years in a local high school. It was specifically designed to ensure that you can spend less time on the redundant tasks of IEPs and case management so you can spend more time actually teaching and being with students (or just leaving school earlier!) It has made my life as a Special Education teacher so much easier and I hope it does for you as well.
Reach out to me personally if you are interested in using something like this →
Once you complete the set-up this system will do the following things for you:
Automate all IEP feedback collection and emails
Instantly create / view calendar events
Instantly see students current grades in all classes
View students goals (and provide updates / upload evidence)
View student profiles (including disability, contact information, etc)

Automate IEP Feedback Collection

The short of it is:
This system will send out feedback email 2 weeks before a students IEP to all relevant teachers and then re-email teachers who do not respond. Its a smart system!
It will then collect all your feedback on one easy page that you simply copy and paste into the actual IEP
If you want to dive in and see more - head to
where you can view your upcoming IEPs and set new ones. All you do here is set the IEP date and time and the system will do all the rest (from emailing, re-emailing, and collecting feedback)

Create Calendar Events

You will notice that on the
page there is a Create Calendar button that is grayed out. Its not active now, but once you connect your school account you will be able to instantly create calendar invites and view them with the click of a button

View Grades

Does your school use Canvas? This system will open up a students grades for every class with the simple press of a button! Invaluable for case management.

View Goals

Goals were always hard for me to keep track of - I never felt motivated perform the 600 clicks it takes to look them up in SIRAS or SEIS and I never chose to print them out for privacy reasons (and the simple fact that I lose everything I print).
This system allows you to quickly see each students goals from multiple pages in the document, add feedback on them, and even upload files and evidence towards completion.

View Profiles

How many times have you spent clicking around your computer looking for a parents email or contact? Lets be done with that using the quick profile view.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.