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The world needs great experiences! So let's craft them!
Great, you're here! Nice to meet you. 😊
I’m here to make great experiences happen.
I believe by heart that we are beings of expressions, stories and connection. So let’s make room for that.
We designers, were put in this earth to create, so it will be a pleasure to collaborate with you 🤝
I use my skills of graphic design, facilitator, learning architect, experience design and community management to build amazing experiences, short and long term, that enrich our existence.
If that sounds like something you like or resonates with your work, don't hesitate. Give me a call and we'll make amazing things happen together. 🤩

Get in touch! Let’s have a virtual coffee meeting! Check my

📞 +55 48 999931423

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls” - Joseph Campbell

👇 This is how I can help you boost your ventures 👇

These are the main skills I developed along the way. Combining them, incredible events, communities, experiences and learning can emerge.
Core Skills
😍 Community Management
Fostering belonging, identity, experiences and progress
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🤩 Learning Culture
Learning Journeys, Knowledge management, Events Facilitation and all in between
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😜 Facilitation
Structure for connection, ideas generation, decisions, learning and community building
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✨ Experience Design
Significant experiences do not happen by chance
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🎨 Graphic Designer
I help you shape your ideas and make them visually wonderful!
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🤟 Project Management
Keeping the motivation, engajament, data and deadlines
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👇 Projects I’d love help bringing to life 👇

Visual support for amazing ideas
Learning Journeys
Community Building
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-07 at 14.54.22(1).jpeg
Great Experiences
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-10 at 20.41.26(1).jpeg
Immersions that really connect
Adventure journeys
Bringing these projects to life, brings meaning to my personal purpose. It will be a pleasure to collaborate so that more projects like this can be achieved and spread.

👇 My journey so far 👇

Community building and event planning at Impact Hub, for coworking and coliving;

Design and execution: 1 Community Training Immersion + 1 Community of Practice
+ 4 learning festivals (3 online, 1 in person) + Transdisciplinary Learning Committee Founder and Leader

Talks on: community building and engagement + learning culture + self-directed learning

4 years of facilitation: online and in-person events, immersions, circles, cooperative games, art of hosting methodologies, connection events, learning events, self-development events

Graduation in Graphic Design with 3 years of experience

Certification in Learning Facilitator + Connection Design + Learning Methodologies
+ Social Leader Engagement + Therapeutic Approach + Peer Learning

🥳 Next Step: Digital Nomad

Get in touch! Let’s have a virtual coffee meeting!

📞 +55 48 999931423

Thanks for stopping by 😉

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