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Tax-Free Wealth Growth

How would you feel if you knew the strategies used by the wealthy in the United States are also available to you and your family?

Just imagine being able to protect your family, and grow your wealth tax-free at the same time, so if anything were to happen to you your family, your business, and your income would be protected.
The good news is you have the power to do this too, you just weren’t given the information to set up your family like the wealthy were.
I created this website to help you get started with learning more about these strategies and systems.
Would you be open-minded to learning about these systems? If so, this document is for you, and it is broken down into 3 main sections:
Learn what a tax-free wealth system is, and how entrepreneurs, investors, and families can use it to growth their wealth, and protect it.
Learn my Build Your Worth Framework that I developed after much research and financial education. This is not financial advice, but a summary of what I have learned to help my family, that I want to share with you to save you time so you can get started on your wealth building journey right way.
Learn a little bit about me, and how you can reach me to answer your questions and help you with your financial literacy journey. There is also a link on this page to the by Legacy Company CEO David Hutchison.
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What is a Tax-Free Wealth System?

A Tax-Free Wealth System is a group of strategies using life insurance policies that give individuals the ability to build their own family bank to finance purchases or investments. Properly structured life insurance policies can also help your family grow cash value tax-free.
This is sometimes referred to as infinite banking or cash value banking. These are strategies used by major corporations and wealthy families in the United States. Most people think that in order to start to build financial wealth that you need a lot of cash or a very large income, but that is simply not true.
The strategies I can help you with are focused on controlling your money, so you can maximize your long-term wealth. You can start these strategies at all income levels, and wherever you are in life right now. The important thing is to take action, once you receive the information.
Imagine yourself using the wealth building strategies that millionaires use. Building this type of wealth is possible with some financial education, and a trusted guide to help you strategize.
My background in entrepreneurship and real estate helps me to design customized systems for your wealth building goals so you can do things like use your whole life insurance policy to fund investments, and above all to protect your assets when you transition.

Who is a Tax-Free Wealth System for?

It’s for entrepreneurs

In Nelson Nash’s book, , he provides some great examples of how entrepreneurs can use a properly structured whole life insurance policy (or multiple) to fund the essentials needed to run their business. The benefit of using a cash-value policy to do this, instead of borrowing from the bank, is that your wealth will grow as you leverage the cash value in your policy, to invest in the things you need to grow your business.
Properly structured whole life insurance policies can also be used to create your own retirement system, so you have income when you stop working.

It’s for real estate investors

There are many ways whole life insurance policies can help real estate investors. With cash value growth, or an infinite banking strategy, investors can use that cash for:
Property down payments
Remodeling and renovation
Furnishing AirBnb properties
You can create your own HELOC that grows your family’s wealth, instead of growing the wealth of a bank.

It’s for families building generational wealth

If you are someone who does not own your own business, or have a real estate portfolio, this system is still for you. Life insurance can help your family in multiple ways. Not only can you protect your family, but you can use life insurance policies to help fund your child’s education or their entrepreneurship endeavors.
Many families begin policies for their children when they are young and healthy. This locks in very affordable rates and sets their child up to start ahead when they turn 18-25 and decide they want to start their own business or use the cash value of their insurance policy to fund their education.

It’s for people wanting to leverage the stock market gains, but want to eliminate risk

An Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy is tied to the S&P 500 index, and can ensure you participate in the market upside, without assuming the risk. In the graphic below, you can see the growth of the index fund policy represented by the green line. The S&P 500 is represented by the red line. When the stock market experienced losses in 2000-2002 and 2007-2009, you can see that the index fund policy gains remained flat and did not experience losses. This is because there are guarantees built into these types of policies that ensure you don’t experience losses.
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