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Exploring Fungi Unit
Lesson Plans

Lesson 2: Beneficial roles of fungi - introduction

This lesson will focus on showing students the existence of symbiosis or co-operation between plants and fungi, which enables nutrient exchange between the partners and for plants to communicate with one another via the fungi network. This relatively new scientific understanding will excite students’ interest to explore fungi and their roles in ecosystems further. This lesson will focus on introducing mycorrhizal fungi (root symbiotic fungi) and the beneficial and unseen role they play in forest ecosystems. Students will engage with art making to represent this special relationship:
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What are Fungi with Dr. Sandra Tuszynska (1:26 min)
Fungi Superheroes Introduction with Dr. Sandra Tuszynska (1:23 min)
How Trees Secretly Talk to Each Other – BBC News (1:50min)
How Trees Talk narrated by Suzanne Simard (4:22 min)

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