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Exec Meeting Agenda 2/26

New members ready to take cases ?
Dates/timeline: 4 training session

First general Body meeting: 3/18 @5:30PM
Defining Roles/ Assignments
Training materials: Emilia and Zach
Organizing Teams: Sarah
Coordinating Mock Trial Cases with CVRP groups: Katie
Catering for first Meeting: Ryan
Reach out to Cara for scheduling the exec room meetings

Exec internal :
Meetings: in between general body meetings
Group dynamic
Expectations for each other
Expectations for the general CHAPs
Taking Attendance
Letting Exec know if absent
Status update
Good note taking

Semester Goals:
FIRE speaker
Margaux from FIRE visit

Longterm goals
getting into the resource section of Syllabi
getting back into Freshman Orientation
Making sure politically leaning organizations know CHAP Services

Final Brainstorm:
Ideas? Improvements? Issues?
interactive portion of the training

What does CHAPs Look like
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