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Synapse Labs

Future of Enterprise AI, Reimagined

Effortlessly Capture Value from your Enterprise Data, at Scale


Accelerate Strategic Outcomes

Unlock Hidden Opportunities

Securely Harness the Power of Gen AI

Transform your specific business problem descriptions into actionable insights through a fully automated AI solution.
Discover untapped treasures in your enterprise data by utilizing automated metadata generation and LLM-powered search.
Enhance experimentation with public LLMs through innovative synthetic data that retains real-world characteristics.


AXIO: Enterprise AI Platform

democratizes empowering all enterprise users with unmatched speed & simplicity, by combining the power of Gen AI and AutoML.

Automatic Business Metadata Generation
Automatic Identification of PII & Key Data Elements (KDEs)
Automatic Profiling & Quality Checks with NLP Insights into KDEs

LLM-Powered Metadata Search
Automated Contextual Understanding
Real-time Data Discovery and Insights Feedback Loop

Tailored Synthetic Data for ML Training as well as Software Application Testing
Preservation of Real-World Data Characteristics
Configurable Privacy and Anonymization Levels

Automated Data Mapping and Normalization
Advanced AI-powered Entity Resolution
ML-powered Validation and Active Learning

Effortless Impact Analysis
AI-powered Transparency & Explainability
Automated Root Cause Detection


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Business Teams

Technology & Data Teams

Governance Teams

helping Passive Recipients of Data transform into Active Decision Makers

Sample Persona

Digital Marketer
Financial Controller
Risk Manager
"I wish we could identify & prioritize the most impactful use cases that we can solve using our enterprise data."
“I wish we could get data-driven insights easily using AI & ML without depending on specialized AI expertise.”


Discover Opportunities
Actionable Insights

helping Enablers transform into Architects of Opportunity

Sample Persona

Technical Architect
Software Engineer
Data Analyst
"I wish we could experiment safely at scale, and not have to use production data in dev & test environments."
"I wish we had a seamless process for creating a unified & accurate view of our customers."


Synthetic Data
Entity Resolution

helping Governors of Data transform into Catalysts for Value Creation

Sample Persona

Data Steward
Compliance Officer
Info Security
"I wish identifying and managing PII & sensitive data was simpler, to enhance our data privacy efforts without extensive manual input."
"I wish we could help our dev teams safely adopt Gen AI and public LLMs."
"I wish troubleshooting data quality issues wasn't like playing detective with limited clues. If only I could pinpoint the exact source of errors faster, it would save us so much time and frustration."


Auto Metadata
Synthetic Data
Data Lineage

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