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UCSD Bucket List 2.0

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ Your UCSD Bucket List guide
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👤 Who is this doc for?

This doc started as a tool for, well...myself!
Over my past 3 years at UCSD, I have tried to hold myself accountable for finding and exploring new places around San Diego.
However, many places I found were based on word of mouth along with hit or miss Yelp reviews and I ended up wasting time and money as many were very disappointing.
To help students who may have had similar experiences as mine, I have consolidated a list of memorable , restaurants, hikes, coffee shops and other that have made my time at San Diego fun and enjoyable.
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💡 The BIG problem this doc solves

Previous to creating this doc, I found it difficult to find fun things to do in San Diego.
Even when I did, it was difficult to execute on plans.
NOTHING was central or connected.
I can now keep everything in one place and use Coda’s doc tech to check off key items.
And not only can I now keep all of my travel notes in one place, I can track my progress!

👊 The end goal for this doc

I plan to maintain and evolve this doc for the rest of the year. With enough feedback and awareness, I hope new and mature UCSD students can leverage this as a helpful student resource.

✅ How do I use this doc?

This doc is made up of two pages— and . Copy the doc to save your progress. When an activity has been complete, check off the ‘Done’ and track your progress! Note: Coda works best on the web.
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❓What is Coda?

Ready to give your old spreadsheets and documents a major upgrade? We’ve got you. Coda comes with building blocksーlike pages, that talk to each other, and buttons that take actionーso anyone can make a doc that can evolve to feel like an app. to check out free Coda templates!
For the optimal viewing experience, please open this application on web.

✉️ Where can I contact support?

If you have any questions on how to use this doc or would like to offer suggestions, you can reach me at . Doc is currently in development and will be updated quarterly 🚧.

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