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UCSD Bucket list 1.0

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UCSD Bucket List

📆 Your uniquely categorized, planned, & customizable UCSD bucket list
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👤 Who is this doc for?

This doc started as a tool for, well...myself!
Over my past 3 years at UCSD, I have tried holding myself accountable to find & explore new places around San Diego.
However, it’s been difficult to find these places as I’ve largely relied on word of mouth and hit or miss Yelp reviews.
To help students who may feel the same way, I have consolidated a list of memorable , restaurants, hikes, coffee shops, and other that have made my time at San Diego memorable!
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💡 The BIG problem this doc solves

Previous to creating this doc, I found it difficult to find fun things to do in San Diego.
Even when I did, it was difficult to execute on plans.
NOTHING was central or connected.
I can now keep everything in one place and use Coda’s doc tech to check off key items.
And not only can I now keep all of my travel notes in one place, I can track my progress!

🛠️ How do I use this doc?

This doc is made up of two pages— day trips and categorized attractions. When an activity has been complete, check off the ‘Done’ and track your progress! Feel free to copy these pages as a template and
make your own!
Let's get started

✔️ Progress exploring coffee shops:

Watch the progress bar move towards 100% each time you check Done. Happy Exploring!
A mile away from campus
Scenic study spot
Parking can be tough to get
Super aesthetic
Right by thrift shops & great food
Interesting CS themed drinks
Close to Convoy
1 mile away from campus
Mint mojito & Philtered soul are favorites
Great study spot
Chill view and outdoor vibes
Close to UTC mall
There are no rows in this table

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✉️ Contact info

If you have any questions on how to use this doc or would like to offer suggestions, you can reach me at . Doc is currently in development and will be updated quarterly 🚧.

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