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KAP17-BISIG Webinar Calendar

KAP17-BISIG Webinar Calendar

Use this calendar to track important dates for your team.

April 2021
Submit KAP17-BISIG logo and cover photo
Craft sponsorship letter
Submit list of target sponsors
Finalization of Program flow
Create content for guest cert
Conceptualize primer format and contents
Presntation of X-deals for sponsors
Craft letter of invitation to partner organizations
House rules for the d-day
Create content for participant cert
Get contact details of potential speakers
Submit sample poster for presentation deck
Create sample cert for participants, guest, and organizers for presentation deck
Create content for organizer cert
Finalized token of appreciation
Submit lettehead
Create and prepare email templates for guest speakers
Prepare sugesstion pegs for primer
Create and prepare email templates for partner organizations
Prepare moodboard for presentation deck kay jastia
Make caption for teaser
Make caption for event poster 1 (w/o guest speakers)
Make caption of guest speakers pub
Make caption for event poster 2 (with guest speakers)
Make caption for 3 days countdown for closing of registration
Make caption for closing of registration pub
Submit finalized certs for guest speakers, participants, and organizers
Download Lupang Hinirang
Send sponsorship letters with primer to target sponsors
Send sponsorship letters with primer to partner organizations
Finalized primer lay out for guest speakers, partner organizations, and sponsors

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