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Careers at TestBox
Careers at TestBox

Sneak peak at our culture

Team comes first
Our people are the highest priority at TestBox – without them, we can’t build towards our mission. We aim to have radical candor in our feedback, to praise publicly, and to have systems for phenomenal career growth, whether you want to move swiftly into people management or crunch on code, design, or processes each day.
Diversity in background and thought is critical
We know that diverse teams are happier and more successful. We actively strive towards diversity both in our workplace and our product so that our team and customers have a safe space where they can bring their full selves.
Approach problems with curiosity and empathy
As we tackle problems, we strive to really understand beneath the surface and build empathy in order to truly solve for the right issues, rather than accepting what we observe at face value.
Always experiment and learn
We are always experimenting in order to learn and get closer to the best solution. We encourage new and radical ideas and fast iterations. On the other end, we believe in avoiding the sunk cost fallacy, reflecting together, learning from feedback, and exiting bad decisions quickly.
Make it happen
If anyone finds a new idea to pursue or a problem that is unaddressed, we want each team member to feel empowered to step up to take responsibility and just make it happen.
Be kind
Kindness can require strength and courage but it only ever makes a situation better - we can all look after ourselves and others better.
Make a substantial positive impact
With our time and resources, we will actively give back to organizations that uplift society, other humans and the environment in alignment with our values.
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