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FJS Configurator Help Docs

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Find answers to frequently asked questions.

I need a product that isn’t in the catalogue.

Tell us all about it! Our catalogue is in its early stages and we need users like you to tell us what you want to see.

How do I submit feedback?

You can use
form or join us on slack

When I share files with colleagues, they overwrite my configurations.

If you start with someone else's file, you would end up changing their configurations, even if they're in a different SketchUp file, on a different computer, or signed in as a different user... for now! We understand that copying and pasting across files is a staple of SketchUp, and intend to get this working soon.

When I try to undo, strange things happen.

Unfortunately, you can't currently ctrl+Z while using the Configurator. I know, outrageous! We promise that this is on our radar and we understand that this is not something you should have to live without. For now, you may find that undoing will revert the geometry in SketchUp, but the Configurator still thinks that the product change hasn't been undone, so next time you load the product, you may have issues.

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