Salman Behbehani- The 52 Card Deck.

Salman Behbehani Magic Card Tricks 3.jpg
Why do we not include the 2 Jokers?
Salman Behbehani-52 card deck plus Jockers..jpg
Who is the “Joke” on and what is the Joke?
According to : “A standard 52-card deck comprises 13 ranks in each of the four French : clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥) and spades (♠). Each suit includes three (face cards),
, and
, with reversible (double-headed) images. Each suit also includes ten numeral cards or pip cards, from one to ten. The card with one pip is known as an
. Each pip card dispays the number of
(symbols of the suit) corresponding to its number, as well as the appropriate numeral (but "A" for the Ace) in at least two corners.”
No matter what the card in the deck Salman Behbehani will always have his at hand to add to the Mystery.

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