Salman Behbehani and the Poker Face

It’s all part of the illusion that is Card Magic- there’s the trick itself, and then there’s the presentation.
Behbehani says that the two go hand-in-hand.
We’ve all seen magicians “wow” us with some incredible illusion, but the “wow” value increase when the Magician (or travelling magician) does “magic”. Magic is the trick and the atmosphere and the delivery.
This guy knows your card- you can see it in that Poker Face (?)
Salman Behbehani- Poker Face 1.jpg
How???? Poker Face just adds to the mystery.
Behbehani brings another Poker Face example- this guy’s got it bad!
Salman Behbehani points out that there is a totally different range of expressions coming from the audience....shock....wonder....amazement.....disbelief etc etc etc. See the top image.

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