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Why Smart Hiring Assistant
Have been involved in hiring resources for many years and observed that there is a need of optimisation and automation of hiring activities i.e.
Writing job description with optimum details, bringing variety and attractiveness in job descriptions
Building interview question bank to standardise the interview process and evaluation
Providing right information to the candidate
Matching resume automatically
Less dependency on domain/technical experts to move fast
I found Coda AI to be very helpful to build a smart hiring assistant to bring continuous improvement in hiring and on boarding of the resources.
How Smart Hiring Assistant is helpful
This template offers automatic Job Description creator enabled by Coda AI. User provide minimal information e.g. Job Title, Experience and keywords to create multiple variations of the job descriptions for the given Job Title. These job descriptions can be shared with team members for review and comments
For a candidate create interview questions using Coda AI for various categories e.g. Technical, Behavioural , etc. Assign interview questions to team members and collect the feedbacks to evaluate the candidate. Team collaborations standardise the process and information is shared fast and with ease
During hiring and after onboarding Smart Hiring Assistant can provide answers for Career Roadmap, Skills Upgrade, Certifications etc. This will provide the job clarity to the candidate and will definitely increase the joining probability of the candidate.
How Smart Hiring Assistant works
Please provide your OpenAI Key for the OpenAI Pack to generate the banner for the job description
: This page created multiple job description for a job title based on Coda AI. The user needs to provide following inputs :
Job Title
Years of Experience
This template will create multiple job description documents using Coda AI. An image will be created by Dall-E image generator.
The user can select the options to generate the Job Description and the banner image
: Users can copy this page for each candidate to schedule the interview. This page will automatically create interview Questions and Rubric ( Expected Answers) using Coda AI for following themes:
Note: User can add/edit the themes based on their choice
Questions can be assigned to the interviewers. Interviewers can provide their feedback on this page for the evaluation
: This page shall generate other important information for the job title:
Career Roadmap
Online Courses
This information shall help the interviewer to provide helpful information to the candidate. The candidate shall have better understanding of role and responsibility

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