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Why AI Teaching Assistant.

In present scenario of digital age, learning curriculum and topic are changing rapidly. Teachers need to update the lesson plans, schedule, evaluation methods very frequently to keep the pace. Also collaboration tools required to keep the inputs from various team members at one place to review, comments and to make the changes quickly.
AI Teaching Assistant uses Coda AI to generate lesson plan, time estimate , evaluation methods in a shared environment to reduce the effort and maintain the consistency across the institution.
The document can be used to share with the students for submission and provide the inputs during academic session which shall make it easier to evaluate the student’s work and prepare the report using Coda AI automatically.

How it helps

: User can easily creates the lesson plan automatically with help of Coda AI by providing inputs: Subject,List of Topics, Student’s Age Group and duration of period. It creates following data for each topic and saves a huge amount of effort
Learning Objectives
Activities to be done for the topic
Assignments for the topic
Notes for the topic
Skills Learned by the students by completing this topic
Duration estimated to complete the topic
Scheduled date
Teacher Assigned
Documents can be shared and with the team members for the review.

: This page provides the calendar view of the schedule
: This page provide live progress with the team members, send reminders for the team members for scheduled lesson on Slack workspace.
: List of students
: This page provides the link of students submission, progress, and evaluation for each topic. Based on the progress and evaluation Coda AI creates the remedial/report for the student automatically.
How to use
Users shall copy the template and create a document for each subject
Provide the input on page in the table
Subject, Age Group, Duration of Period
List of Topics
All other columns with suffix “-AI” shall be automatically filled to create the lesson plan
Share the document with the team members for review
Once review comments are implemented and lesson plan is updated, assign the date and teacher for each topic.
will provide a calendar view of the teaching schedule . Complete the setup of “Slack account” in the column “Send Reminder”
shall display the overall progress
Prepare the list of students which shall be used for the evaluation and report preparation
: For each student evaluation can be done for each topic in the table
Provide the link for the submission done by the student.
Update the progress of student’s work
Provide the overall rating for each topic
Coda AI shall automatically create the report and required remedial for each topic for every student.
Happy Teaching !!! 👍

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