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Why AI Code Assist?

At present there are multiple languages available with comparable features, stability and performance therefore developers have to learn and code in multiple languages simultaneously working on more than one project. There is need for universal code helper which can provide quick support without wasting time on various blogs. AI Code Assist : provides a universal cheat-sheet creator which creates cheat-sheets quickly in standard format and saves a lot of time. Users can configure the sheet as per their choice.
While working on the project there will be many coding errors and many errors will throw strange messages. We need to upgrade our skills on those error generating functions. AI Code Assist : detect the errors and provide the learning resources link.
To reduct the lines of code and also to make the source file efficient and compact a universal code optimiser shall save lot of space and will help in reducing the source code size. AI Code Assist : provides a code optimiser.
A product development team normally consists of many developers working on the code base. Each developer may have their own coding style. To standardise the source code AI Code Assist : generates code templates for various functions in various languages. Code standardisation increase the readability and reusability helping the team to reduce the effort
Before starting a new development, team can compare the complexity of the various function implementation in multiple languages. By comparing the complexity of future development the team can select the suitable language. AI Code Assist: brings this feature powered by Coda AI

How It Works?

: Creates coding cheat sheet in a very quick time for the language of choice. User just need to select the language from the list which is configurable. A formatted code help shall be generated. User can configure the structure of the cheat sheet
: User can optimise the code to reduce the size and make it more efficient using powerful feature of Coda AI. User needs to enter the code, select the language of the code and click on the button. Entered code shall be optimised instantly. User will save lot of time without searching various coding blogs
: Skills upgrader help the user to improve the coding skills by analysing the error messages in the code written by the user.
Select the language
Paste the error messages in the table
Coda AI shall detect the type of the error and provide the remedial learning to improve that particular coding skills
For a functionality and programming language provided by the user, This page shall automatically generate:
Code Template
Possible Errors
Learning Reference for the code
To use this feature Go to the table :
Select the operation or enter a new operation
Select the language
Coda AI shall automatically generate all other columns
User can compare the languages before starting the development.
Prepare the list of various functions which shall be used in the project in the table
AI Code Assist shall generate sample code and based on the sample code templates complexity of the language implementations shall be analysed
Enter the estimated frequency of operation in the project. Then overall complexity score is calculated. Higher the score higher the complexity
Share the document with the team and get the feedback to select the language for the next project

How users can modify or configure it

On , users can add the languages of their choice to the language selection drop down list. Also restructure the sheet , add/remove functionalities of their choice to make it more useful for their everyday work
On , users can add more languages in the selection list
: Add/Remove list of functions and languages
: Users need to modify the column formula to add or remove the language. Also the users can modify how the overall complexity is calculated. This page gives the basic hint to calculate the complexity

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