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On Series by Sai Dhanak


I developed the On Series as a codification of learnings that I earnt over the course of ten years of company and product-building in order to help teams avoid reinventing the wheel and instead focus on accelerating their go-to-market. Accompanying it are a set of product templates that can take any product from 0-1 without having to reinvent basic product-tooling and go-to-market (GTM) from scratch.


I’m a at the intersection of hardware and software with two exits in consumer and B2B SaaS. Experience at all growth stages; as the first Product Manager to Chief Product Officer, and from; seed to acquisition () and Series A to IPO (.

per year
Managed 19 product managers and designers directly and led >100 engineers from all technical disciplines
in cybersecurity, service design, and IoT


The On Series helps solve problems that many early teams face:

We’re not moving fast enough.
Non-standard documentation makes it hard to quickly evaluate and start development of new products and features.
Sales and Product are not in lockstep.
Getting features to market is chaotic and things get left out.
We need to hire great people quickly but the process gets elongated by too many stages, too few stages, arbitrary criteria, or no criteria at all.
My teams and reports complain about a lack of structured career management.
Things are getting released but we don’t understand if we’re getting results.
Verbal and written updates to leadership lack clarity and quality.
Products are not evaluated through a business or ROI lens.
Security and privacy are after-thoughts.

Usage and contact

The On Series is open-source and free-to-use. Feel free to for improvements.
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