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Meeting Minutes - Academics (14/07/2023)

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Meeting Minutes - Academics KMS '23 (14/07/2023)

I have jotted all the main discussed points in an online meeting held on the 14th of July 2023

Start of meeting Rituals

Asked about the Cold Calling Process
Haniah told us about the number of speakers and hosts
3 Urdu Speakers ; 3 English Speakers
1 host for Urdu and 1 for English
Speech Length: 3-minute speech

Conclusions we reached to:

Nabeeha : Urdu Host
Atif Aamir: Urdu Speaker (1st Speaker)
Hamza : Urdu Speaker (2nd Speaker)
Bilal Farooq : Urdu Speaker (3rd Speaker)


Hudda Amjad: English Host
Abiha : English Speaker (1st Speaker)
Zalaid : English Speaker (2nd Speaker)
Marium : English Speaker (3rd Speaker)

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