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Summit 2021 Features Progress Update

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Summit 2021 Features Progress Update

#5: Summit 2021 Features Progress Update

April 29th, 2021
Days to Summit: 38

Project Status

We are planning on announcing/releasing 40 Features at Summit:
GA: 5
Public Preview: 16
Private Preview: 15
TBD: 4
As of April 29, there are 13 YELLOW - Click on link below to access Engineering Advanced Roadmap View
Project Status

Summit Features

Below is a list of all Summit Features representing the current state of the features planned for Summit, sorted by PM Area
Global Expansion | Metadata | DB Security & Data Governance | SQL: 17
Apps | Manageability | Snowhouse Foundation: 7
Data Privacy: 2
Data Sharing | Data Exchange | Data Marketplace: 1
Data Platform | Storage | Ecosystem | Extensibility: 13

Feature Training

We are planning on announcing/releasing 16 Public Preview & 5 GA Features at Summit
As of April 29, there are 14 sessions and 4 are done for the SE organization.

Upcoming Sessions


Feature Tasks Status

In order to successfully launch/announce all the features mentioned above, we have to make sure we are resolving all of the discrete tasks associated with each (as described in the ).
April 29th Summary
There are 352 total tasks that need to be resolved before the Summit across all areas
As of April 29th, there are 248 tasks unresolved. See below for distribution
For more information, go to

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