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Roadtrip Log Template

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About this doc

👤 Who is this doc for?

This doc started as a tool for, well...myself!
I will be on embarking on a cross-country roadtrip for a few months (possibly longer!), and I wanted a place where I could easily document the cities I visited, the mileage I drove and all of my favorite places along the way.
I even added a short maintenance checklist that I’m nudged to complete every time I “check out” of a city. It’s a simple way to keep myself on track with vehicle maintenance, as well as a reminder to keep my camper van well-stocked and clutter-free before hitting the road.

💡 The BIG problem this doc solves

Previous to creating this doc, I was using a mix of an analog notebook, Google Maps, iOverlander, and my iPhone’s Notes app.
NOTHING was central or connected. Yikes.
Enter: Coda!
I can now keep everything in one place and use Coda’s power to pull out the pieces of information that interest me or matter to me most.
And not only can I now keep all of my travel notes in one place, I can easily add or update my notes using the power of ✨ tables ✨ AND ⚡️ forms ⚡️.

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