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Getting Started!

💡 How Does it Work?

Coda is a powerful platform that combines the best features of Notion, Google Docs, and a blog.
Its block-based document structure makes it highly adaptable to fit our needs
While each document remains independent.
Additionally, Coda allows for easy publishing in a web-like view.

🙋 Why this portfolio template will work

Because this portfolio template is built on the basic principle of self-selling.
It is designed to showcase your expertise and experience in a clear and concise manner.
The template includes areas for your headline, tagline, and area of expertise, as well as buttons for easy navigation.
It also provides separate columns for job descriptions and achievements, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

⚙️ Set Up Guide

1️⃣ First, let's introduce you to Coda.

2️⃣ To get started, duplicate this template and learn how to use it.

Before duplicating this template, please ensure that you have signed up. You can use this button
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