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Landing your Dream Job (Part 3)

Job Hunt: tracking and managing your interviews
Interviewing is a job in itself. It can feel stressful, high stakes, and sometimes even out of our own control. Let’s make the process of tracking your interviews easier and less time-consuming. With this doc, you can now manage your:
Contacts and networks
Interview schedules
Recruiting Tasks

Quick Guide

If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 and 2, below!

Step 1

Create a wishlist.

Step 2

Increase your odds by curating your connection.

Step 3

Strategically apply to roles.

Step 4

Start tracking your progress.

Step 5

Check out your dashboard.

Ready to get started?

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Connect your tools with Coda and streamlined workflow for your job hunt! Track all of your scheduled interviews with the calendar pack. Send follow up emails to your interviewers with a click of a button.
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More Templates. Streamline your Job Hunt with Coda.

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Part II: Preparing for the Interview
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Part III: Job Hunt Tracker
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