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Preparing for the interviews

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Virtual Interviews 💻

Hello... can you hear me? 🎥
Having crisp audio/mic/webcam set up can make the difference between an excellent presentation and an ok presentation.
You have a quiet space, and reliable wifi for the interview.
Shoot! I forgot... 😅
Check that you have your interview schedule & zoom/google meet links
Note: If this is your first time presenting on zoom, you will have to grant browser permission to record in order to screen share.
Hydrate! 🚰
Keep water, coffee/tea, and snacks nearby to stay hydrated and energized
I recommend to ask for breaks in the interview loop if they were not originally included in your interview.

IRL Interviews 👋

Always be prepared 🐻
Bring notepad, pens, and copies of your resume.
If you plan to whiteboard, brownie points if you bring your own .
Bring prepared is clear indicator of your interest in the opportunity and that you can handle ambiguous/stressful situations.
Note: You may be asked to bring your own laptop onsite for technical interviews. It’s pertinent that you are as comfortable as possible which may mean bringing external mouse and keyboard.
Check it out 🗺️
Map out your commute and test out the journey a week prior. This is a real world example of what your day to day would look like, also help you foresee any issues with traffic.
Dress to impress 👕
Ask your recruiter about the dress policy. Although in tech, attire is pretty casual, you don’t want to be popping into an interview in your pjs, nor do you want to overdress.
The reality is after being in a room for hours in a high stakes environment you may get a bit sweaty. Wear deodorant and dress comfortably.

Want to print your doc?
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