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Marketing Yourself

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Getting your Resumé noticed

So, in those 7 seconds, what do recruiters want to see on a resumé? These are the 4 questions I ask myself when reviewing resumés:

What am I looking at?

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, remember, substance over beauty.
Above all else your resume should be clear and readable.
Start with the substance before adding flair.
Don’t overcomplicate — adding too many icons and images can clutter the page.
That being said we live in the modern era, so sending a resume with 90s clip art, pixelated images, unsightly typography will not do you any favors

Are you fit for the role?

Share relevant experience with concrete examples of what you did and what impact you had made. Are your key achievements measurable and quantifiable?
Contextualize your experience. Title or team name alone are not enough — these vary from company to company. If your significant other does not know what project alpha is, nor does the recruiter.
Customize your resumé to fit the job description; bolding key words.

Are you a risky bet?

Given the current climate of layoffs, shorter tenures or gaps in work experience are not out of the norm. However, you should note that in the eyes of a company, showing a pattern for jumpiness is reason to pass on a candidate. An employee is an investment, and they want to ensure that they get a return on their investment. If you do have a gap, give context — be it traveling, parenthood, school, personal time, etc.
Other ways to mitigate risk is to showcase your worth by highlighting your career growth and career trajectory.
Finally, attention to detail - check for spelling errors, lack of polish. No recruiter wants to share an error ridden resumé to an executive.

Are you a value add to the team?

Do you have a unique point of view? Perhaps you have a portfolio, podcast, blog, or just really cool interests, don’t be afraid to share.
Showcase work you are most proud of or how you want to develop and grow

Yeah yeah yeah, just show me a template!

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