Congratulations Doc Template

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Congratulations Template!

Send a personalized congratulations to your candidate, with reasons why the team is excited for them to join, and their offer model & benefits all in one place.

Stand out to candidates on an emotional level.

Finding top talent is tough and securing it even tougher. In this competitive landscape, a great candidate experience can make all the difference. Use this template to send a thoughtful and customized congratulations to your candidate, and build a stronger sense of connection with the team!
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Bob Belcher

We’re very excited to extend an offer for you join Coda as a
Head Chef
! You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and we believe that you can make a monumental impact here.

To list a few reasons for why we’re excited for you to join!



Burger of the Day


We hope you’re excited about us for the following reasons!

Your Role.

Head Chef

What We’re Building.

People & Culture.

Creative & Fun

Notes from the Team.

Linda Belcher
Notes from the Team!
“Love the burger of the day! Genuis.”
Tina Belcher
Notes from the Team!
“I love their passion for burgers.”
Louise Belcher
Notes from the Team!
“Can’t blame them for innovation.”

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