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Helpful Task Planner to Stay Organized for Every Schedule

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Getting Started

This is how I stay organized during the semester. I hope you can utilize this document to stay organized as well!
Rename class pages to your schedule
Check out to see an overview of all classes and tasks
Check out conditional formats on table to recolor your classes
Check out to see how the automations are made


I’m not in school, how can I use this?

Don’t worry! You can use this for any form of personal organization and task planning. You can simply change the Class column to be something like “Category.” Other than that, it can be completely used the same!

How does the work (in )?

The task table has four columns:
Task name
Due date
Class - a select list of different classes (or more generally categories of work). I decided to add conditional formats for each class to color them differently. Feel free to play around with these!
Status - a select list of the task’s state of completion.
The main task table is grouped by this column, so you can drag tasks from one group to the next. I personally enjoy visualizing tasks that have not been started (Pending) vs. tasks that are in progress (In Progress) vs. completed tasks (Completed).
If you prefer to have a simpler Incomplete vs. Complete task list, then simply delete the other unnecessary groups and just use the Pending and Completed status groups.
The table also filters for all tasks that do not have an Archived status, so when you drag an item into this group, it will disappear. I found this useful to get rid of any extra
Notes - any additional notes and sub-tasks can be placed here
The is simply an alternate way to view the . Feel free to use whichever you want.

Why are there subpages for each class?

I envisioned the page to be the “main” page where you can get an overview of your classes and what you need to accomplish. Each subpage can be used for class-specific notes and assignments.
For convenience, I added a view to that filters for tasks specifically for that class. For example, the has that filters for tasks specific for that class.

Why is there a page?

These formulas are quick summaries of what tasks are due the next day. They are used in the document’s automations, which will notify you when you have incomplete tasks due the next day.


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