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Easy Menu: Delightful Grocery List and Thorough Meal Planner

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My roommates and I always run into the issue where we accidentally buy the same ingredient twice (we have a lot of cumin powder for some reason). Even more, my family is coordinating groceries between two households and eight people. Whenever you are at the grocery store, it is pretty easy to forget what you have in stock. As a result, I created to keep track of key groceries you may need to buy.
Even though I don’t have a specific ingredient, I may not actually need it for the meals I planned for the next week! As a result, I created to determine what foods I want to eat this week and what ingredients I need for each meal.
To culminate these two pages together, calculates what items you need to get at the store for next week.

How to use

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Enter your meals for each day and what ingredients you need in . The ingredients tab is a lookup into table. You can quick add new ingredients if they aren’t already entries in .
Check out the to determine which ingredients you still need to get. This table will automatically update as you change your meal plan for the week and change what items you have in stock.
Email yourself the grocery list
As you go to the store and buy new ingredients, or as you consume items, update to be the appropriate amounts!
Cook, eat, rinse, and repeat


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