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Habits Tracker for Daily Empowerment, Happiness, and Health


Amid the pandemic, the remote work life has come as a dramatic change for many of our lives. Personally, I found each and every day blur together. Weekdays and weekends, work days and free days had little to no difference at all. As a result, my ability to maintain a disciplined scheduled dwindled. With no need to get up and walk to my next class, I ended up sitting for a vast majority of the day (my Apple Watch was not a fan).
I needed a way to keep track of daily habits and goals to hold myself accountable while at home. I made this table to make sure I reach my goals. Personally, I wanted to track whether I exercised, drank enough water, read, and stretched every day. If you have felt like me, I hope you find some great use out of this doc!

How to use

First, you will want change the formula to set how many glasses of water you want to drink per day.


Every day at 6 am, a new row will be added for that date, so you do not have to remember to add the row yourself.
Every day at 8 pm, a notification will be sent to remind you to fill out your habits for the day. If you do not want notifications, you can uncheck the box in the inputs section.

Conditional Formats

The exercised, read, and stretched columns are simple check boxes. They will turn green if they are checked. They will only turn red if that box is not checked and that day has passed (signifying that you missed that habit for that day).
Similarly, the glasses of water column will turn green if the value is greater than or equal to the goal glasses of water formula you set.
The complete column simply calculates the percentage of habits completed for that day and applies an appropriate color to signify the level of completion (from red to green).


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