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Automation Starter Kit

With 8 examples, learn how you can automatically take actions inside and outside of your doc.
In this Starter Kit, we'll show you some ways that you can use automation to take actions inside your doc and outside!

To use this doc...

Make a copy of this doc if you haven't already, so that you can test out the automations.
Open up the automation panel: Each section corresponds to a single automation example. The best way to follow along is to click the Settings icon (
settings icon.png
) in the top right of the toolbar, then click the robot icon (
), and then open individual rules (see below for a gif, which is slightly out of date).
Test out each rule by clicking on the numbers to test out the rule step by step. This feature lets you see what an automation does before you turn it on live. Then, if you want to see the automation in action, you can turn it on live.
Click the button below so you can receive notifications!
Build an automation in your own doc. Feel free to check out our as you progress.

Send notifications and emails to me!

❓ Let's get started!

As a reminder...

Automation rules have two parts:
WHEN, where you tell the rule when to run and
THEN, where you tell the rule what to do.

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You can check out the Automations in this doc by opening the Automation panel ➡️

Screen Recording 2019-10-22 at 02.56 PM.gif

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