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Modal from Modal Behaviour

Modal from Modal

This examples demonstrates an apparent inconsistency in calling modal views from other modal views.
The has a simple table and 2 views. Each table has a different modal view, so there are 3 in total.
Activating a row or hitting Button 3 will bring up the default view for the table.
Button 1 will open the view specified in View Num 1. Similarly Button 2 will option the view specified in View Num 2.
From any of the tables (main and views) these all work as expected.

The problem

To demonstrate the problem do the following:
Click Button 3 (Activate this row) button in Table 1. This will open up the default view (View 1).
Note the URL.
In that view, click either Button 2 (Show View 2) for example or
The view does not change though the URL does.
Close that view
Set View Num1 in Table 1 to something other than 1 (2 or 3 are the valid options) then click Button 1. This will open the view associated with the number. For example View Num 1 set to 2 and clicking Button 1 will open View 2.
In that view make sure the value in View Num 2 does not match the current view. For example, if you’re looking at View 2, set View Num 2 to 3. Click Button 2.
The URL will change, the view will not.
Opening any view from any of Button 1, Button 2 or Button 3 from any of Table 1, View of Table 1 or View 2 of Table 1 will result in the initial view being the one that was intended. Attempting to open another view from within the open view using the available button will cause the URL to change as expected but leave the view on the screen unchanged.

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