seasoned cross-disciplinary builder integrating art, technology, and commerce
Discord: roby88#8858
Twitter: @artofnext

Cover Letter

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Dear Treasure Team,
Working with uncertainty and testing assumptions has shaped the core of my business strategy approach. I started building websites in the early days of Internet. After project delivery, I found clients would often ask - now what do I do? Thus, began my journey into learning tactical and strategic approaches to building digital businesses.
Today, I've evolved my own framework to help project leaders think strategically their business models. As an architecture graduate, my sweet spot is working with creatives to help them validate their hunches and creative instincts. After all, I have personally learned the hard lessons that great art and design does not insure success in the marketplace.
The framework above illustrates my thinking to building the marketplace strategy for Trove. The underlying foundation of my approach has evolved from working in creative endeavors to build durable business models while addressing the common missteps that threaten long term sustainability.
Work Samples
Internal Frameworks for Strategy Formation - - From years of building projects, I developed my own processes to help think through early project strategies, risks, and defensibility.
Bridgeworld Graphics - how I create visuals to communicate complex processes

I’m excited to meet the Treasure team and discuss the opportunity to help build the Trove marketplace.
Thank you.
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Digital Product Manager / Business Strategist
Worked on project teams to formulate business strategies and unifying the efforts of designers, developers, and client needs. Projects included web applications in AI, financial services, education platforms, meal planning services, and various e-commerce store build outs.
Video Game Art Lead
Led Playstation 2 art team for major film franchise game. Coordinated with game designers and software development team to produce creative game assets from game backgrounds to in-game video sequences.
CGI Artist
Worked on various video game, music video, commercial production, and feature movie CGI teams.
Interior Architect
Planned and built over 1.5 million square feet of commercial office space projects from intern to studio manager and firm founder.

Past Clients & Projects

Square USA
Heavy Iron Studios
Digital Domain
Rainmaker Digital

Fabric Labs
Lola Tech Systems
Campus Explorer
Level Connections
Case Zero

Royal Order
Finest Watches
Noyo Home
Steelhawk Airsoft

Fun Facts

First Bitcoin Purchase: February 2016
Deep dive into NFT, web3, and crypto world: September 2021
Farmed $MAGIC in Genesis Mine via N-Project and Treasure
Origins NFT member
Will dox upon request

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