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The Startup of You: Executive Summary

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Summaries, key concepts, discussion questions, activities, and assignments for your students
Instructions for Instructors: Every chapter has a subpage filled with in-depth chapter summaries, key concepts, discussion questions, in-class activities, and take home assignments to serve as your resources for students.

Introduction: An Entrepreneurial Model for Careers

This is not your parents’ job market.” That’s what New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman said to today’s college grads when writing about the timeliness of The Start-Up of You. For the last sixty or so years, the job market for educated workers worked like an escalator. If you were basically competent, put forth a good effort, and weren’t unlucky, the strong winds at your back would eventually shoot you to the top. Each generation would be better off than their parents. For the most part this was a justified expectation.
But now that escalator is jammed at every level. Technology and globalization are destroying traditional career paths and undoing assumptions about how to master the world of work. Old premises that guided our parents have given way to new realities, and with new realities come new rules. The new rules are ones entrepreneurs have mastered for years, and they are what every student today needs to know in order to launch a successful career.
We created this Teacher’s Guide to help you bring these concepts into your classroom. Inside you will find additional resources and approaches to teaching the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset necessary to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive economy.
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