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CodeSignal | HRTX Virtual Q1

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Welcome to #HRTX Virtual!

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Event Date: March 23, 2023
RecruitingDaily Event Page:

Ticket access for sponsors (Please do not share this link, it bypasses the registration form)
Choose one of the ticket selector buttons
Select the “Backstage” option

What to Expect

Speaking session

Your speaking session will be a total of 30 minutes on the main stage with no other concurrent sessions to give you the opportunity to capture the audience's attention.
Typically these sessions allot 20-25 minutes to the demo or presentation with time at the end for questions. You may choose a presenter from within or outside your own organization.

Your checklist

Please complete the included sponsor checklist (next tab) in order to have maximum visibility in our pre- and post- event marketing.

Your booth

We have included a guide on how to set up your virtual booth. If you require assistance or need our team to create the booth for you, please send in the related form.

Day of the event

You are encouraged to have staff attend the event and interact with attendees, including having staff in your booth for the duration of the event. Your team members will need an event ticket to access the virtual booth and should use the vendor ticket link provided to register.
You are also encouraged to take advantage of the live broadcasting in your booth to perform more intimate demos/sales conversations during the event. ​*Please do not solicit traffic for your booth or speaking session during another sponsor time slot.


We will begin processing the attendance reports as soon as the event has concluded.
Your report will be shared by EOD the following Monday (March 27, 2022) and will include:
• All Registrant data (cleaned and marked whether attended or not) • Booth engagement data • Responses to your poll • Attendee activity/engagement during your speaking session • A recording of your speaking session

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