Team Wiki

Welcome to the Rebel Fleet wiki

Team rules
Make sure to
regularly check the team chat
in the Wordscapes app
Be nice
, don’t say disparaging things
good sportsmanship
, be gracious in victory and in loss

Tournament rules
On the day of the tournament:
playing at
21:00 UTC
playing at
23:20 UTC
Do not play any games during the STOP and START period
This delay aims to help place us in a decent competition for the tournament
If you are unsure about the STOP and START times, check the current UTC time here:

There is a
1000 point minimum
score, per member
(the minimum can be reduced to 500 points per member if the team are doing exceptionally well, and will be announced in the team chat)

notify in advance
in the team chat if you’ll be unable to hit the minimum score.
It is very important to notify, as persistent low scores without notification (
) will unfortunately result in being
removed from the team

Check out the
for more information

Join us on our

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