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Rumble Info & Rules

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What is a Rumble?
There are set weekend tournaments scheduled as
These are the same as normal weekend tournaments, but purposely
more competitive
If the team decide to participate, we are
assigned a START time
for the tournament which aims to place us with similarly ranked teams to battle against
The scheduling and team allocation is done by the very kind people on the Wordscapes Team Leaders Facebook group

Our regular 21:00 UTC
is still valid
Please ensure you have
NO open and unfinished games
, if we trigger a false start we will have to track the rumble manually!
The assigned START time
our regular 23:20 UTC START
(new START time will be announced in the team chat)
do not start playing until notified in the team chat to START
- there is a specific syncing procedure we need to try and follow which relies on precision
The minimum score per member will still be 1000 points, but it is encouraged for members to score as highly as possible for the competition

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