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Welcome to the RB Math Club

For those who can join us in person, we have a fun year planned out. We'll meet on Thursdays in the library after school. Each week we'll cover some math vocabulary, solve a few problems individually or in teams, and learn something fun about Math In The Real World. Students can participate in one of many competitions throughout the year. We have a series of 5 Math Olympiad tests, and at least 3 competitions (Culver City in March, Girls Adventures in Math in April, and the MBUSD Math Competition in March). We have a "Math Library" that students can borrow books from, if any look appealing. We'll also try to have as many fun prizes and giveaways as possible to keep the excitement level 💥💥💥 blasting.
For those who can't join in person, we'll post as much information as possible on this site so that you can follow along at home. . Then go to the to see what you've missed.
Your Math Club Team:
Ryan Barrows ( - Coach
Grace Fei ( - Competitions
Jo Bloomfield ( - Logistics

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