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League of Legends Chest Tracker


Track which champs you've earned chests on in League of Legends
Have you ever queued up an ARAM game and wondered if you’ve earned a hextech chest for the random champion you got? You can’t filter by “chest obtained” in ARAM champ select like you can in other game modes. This is a doc I’ve made for just this situation!
How to use this doc
Make your own copy
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Navigate to the page and input your summoner name and select your region from the controls at the top.
Press the “Sync Data” button to sync the and tables (using the made by me 🙂). This will pull in information about what champions you have already earned chests on this season. You’ll want to press this button anytime you want new chests you’ve earned to be synced into the doc.
Pro tip: you can also create an to press the button on a regular time interval
Mark which champions you own in the table. You can use the “Mark All Champs Owned/Unowned” to help speed up this process. Unfortunately, the Riot Games API doesn’t have this info 😔.
Now head to the page to see a nice view of what champs you still have yet to earn a chest on! You can filter and sort this view however you’d like, but by default it’s set to show which champs you own but haven’t earned a chest on at the top.
You can also press the “Recommend a Champ” button to generate a champ that you haven’t earned a chest chosen from the champs you have the highest mastery on.

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