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When teams are co-located, we can play a fun game where each person (the owner) writes their own name on a blank sheet of paper and then passes it to the person to their right. That person writes something they appreciate about the person, folds the paper in a way where the sheet owner's name is visible but not anyone else's comments and passes it to the right.
When the paper has gone all the way around, the "owner" reads all the comments from the group about themselves. It is quite an uplifting exercise.
Now, how do we pull this off in a distributed environment and achieve the same effect?
Copy this template for your event or team meeting and set the title
Send the link to to your team and ask them to click the "Join Game" button
When everyone who wants to play has joined, you as the organizer click the "Start Game" button. Hint: you can view who has joined the game in the
When you Start the Game, players can visit the page to see who they are writing Praise for and what they have already written.
When all players have written Praise for the other players, each player can visit their own page to see what people have written in for them

Hint: if shared within a workspace, then the organizer can add all or some players in the Master Data section

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